Hi! I'm Jenna

I'm a food-loving, deprivation-hating, Masters-qualified nutritionist, workplace wellness specialist and (mostly) retired lawyer.

And this is a bit about me...

Once upon a time I was a very busy, VERY stressed lawyer of the driven, workaholic, over-achieving variety....

70 hour weeks, late nights, deadlines, travel and competing commitments were a standard part of life. Don't feel too sorry for me; I LOVED my work. I got to travel the world, have some amazing experiences and meet some truly inspiring people. And yes I was pretty successful. If you're into awards, I was Australian Young Lawyer of the Year, Young Gun Lawyer of the Year, and I received awards from the State and Commonwealth Government for my work with disadvantaged youth.

But the problem was, my life was spectacularly out of balance. And I had no idea... I was so constantly overcommitted I never had the time (or made the time) to step back, take a breath and check in with myself. I constantly prioritised my work, putting off holidays, sleep, family and self-care.

Some small part of me knew it was taking a toll, and I always had vague plans to prioritise myself "when things settle down". But things never settled down....

If I had heeded the warning signs, I might have taken steps to prioritise self-care. Maybe... But I didn't. And I burned out. Completely and catastrohpically. My body was no longer able to function. I was in chronic pain to the point where I could not eat or sleep, my immune system started to fail, and I was constantly sick. But I just kept soldiering on until I was - literally - struck blind one afternoon as I was just about to leave the office to meet a client...

Fast-forward several years, and many painful lessons learned.... I've been on a long journey from ill-health, obesity, exhaustion and chronic pain to having more energy in my 40's than I had in my teens! 

I started studying nutrition whilst recovering from complete and catastrophic burnout.

I was doing so much research to try and speed my recovery, I thought I might as well make it official and go back to university - and now I have a Masters degree in Human Nutrition!

And all the while, as I was learning vital pieces of the puzzle and getting my own health (and life) back on track, I could not help but wish that I had this knowledge whilst I was a highly-stressed, over-stretched, workaholic lawyer. 

And that's why I do what I do. In the hope that you never have to learn the hard way, as I did...

So these days I'm a Masters-qualified nutritionist, workplace wellness specialist and health coach.

I'm still making a difference in the lives of my clients, but instead of going into battle for my clients I help them make simple, sustainable change for better health and wellbeing.

I provide my clients with the information, accountability, guidance and support I wish I had received when I was a highly-stressed, over-stretched, workaholic lawyer who didn't know there could be another way.



I'm also pretty seriously obsessed about staying abreast of the latest scientific developments in health and wellbeing.

I specialise in working with very successful, highly functioning but over-stretched, over-stressed, professionals who realise (or have been told!) they need to make their health and happiness a priority.

I used to believe that I needed to make huge, disruptive, life-altering changes to create a healthier, happier life. Now I know better. 

It is the small, simple changes that accumulate and make a big difference over time. 
The key is to make sustainable changes - ones that stick - and stay out of the vicious cycle of progress followed by backsliding and berating yourself for "failure".

Career success and vibrant health are not mutually exclusive concepts. You just need to make some small, smart tweaks to your lifestyle and embed them so they become a consistent habit. And I specialise in making this happen for my clients.

My interests and passions include:

  • Nutrition and lifestyle habits for health and longevity

  • Brain health and mental acuity

  • Emotional wellbeing

  • Healthy weight loss and maintenance

  • Improving energy and vitality

  • Building and maintaining lean muscle mass


  • Turning back the clock: healthy (anti) ageing

  • Positive psychology

  • Happiness hacks and habits

  • Making a difference

  • Kindness

  • Gratitude

  • Mindfulness and meditation

When it comes to nutrition and health there is a tsunami of rhetoric, dogma and misinformation out there. I have a vested interest in sifting through the detritus and getting a clear grasp on what the scientific evidence is revealing. I've been on a long and difficult journey back to vibrant health and I've taken a few too many detours along the way thanks to various unqualified "health gurus" and "wellness bloggers". These days I'm obsessed with scientific, medical and nutrition research. If I want to understand a particular area of health or nutrition I have the knowledge and skills to access and understand the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

When it comes to food, I don't have a set-in-stone food or diet philosophy. And even if I did I would never force it on you or tell you that my way is the only or the best way to health. You're paleo? Vegan? Gluten-and-dairy-free? Hate mushrooms? Cool. Awesome. I'm not going to lecture, scold or issue you with a stern ultimatum. It's your body and your choice, babe. But what I WILL do is provide you with solid evidence-based information - so you can make well-informed decisions about your diet, and understand the impact of your food choices on your health. You can read about my food philosophy HERE.

Your physical and emotional health is impacted by so much more than what you eat. I will help you shine a light on all of the ways we can enhance your wellbeing!

I'm here to show you that you can have career success AND enjoy vibrant health and happiness! I do what I do in the hope that none of my clients will ever have to experience the hell I went through before I realised there is a better way.

So let's do this!