Cashew "Sour Creme" - It's Not Just For Vegans!


OK so this recipe doesn't taste exactly like sour cream. It tastes better! And once you learn how to make it you will never need to buy sour cream again.


1/2 cup raw cashew nuts (soaked for 1 hour*)
Juice of 2 lemons
1/2 teaspoon salt
Water (the amount of water you add is determined by the consistency you desire. More on that below!)


Place all ingredients in a high speed blender. A small blender is best for this recipe. I use my Vitamix S30.
Blend until smooth.
If you blend just the cashews and lemon juice without any extra water you will get a "labne" consistency (like I've used in this salad, below).
Adding extra water will give a thinner consistency, so you can spoon or drizzle it over your dishes. It tastes divine with my Super-Simple Three Bean Chilli!

* Soaking the cashews will give you a smoother result when you blend them. But don't stress if you don't have the time to soak; make it anyway! The Cashew "Sour Creme" in the pic was made with unsoaked cashews, as I decided to make it on the spur of the moment. Just blend for a little longer, and accept that you won't have the same super-smooth, creamy texture as if you had soaked them.