Tahini Lemon and Garlic Sauce

Tahini Lemon and Garlic Sauce

Tahini Lemon and Garlic Sauce

As a nutritionist I'm ALL about veggies! Their health benefits are irrefutable - cancer prevention, heart attack and stroke prevention, lowered blood pressure, improved mood and the list goes on... One of my fave ways to enjoy veggies is raw - in divine salads or in vibrant veggie platters. So I have spent a LOT of tine perfecting dressings and sauces that are healthy and delicious, and make my veggies sing!

And I know I'm onto a good one when I need to restrain myself from eating it by the spoonful!

This sauce definitely meets the so-addictive-I-want-to-eat-it-by-the-spoonful test! I love it with baked cauliflower, and on raw veggie platters.


4 tablespoons tahini*
Juice of one lemon (add more if your sauce is too thick!)
One clove garlic, minced (Confession: I use a LOT more garlic - because I LOVE garlic!!!)
1/2 teaspoon honey or maple syrup**
Salt and pepper, to taste
If you eat and enjoy yoghurt, you can add it to the sauce, but I actually enjoy it without it.


Combine tahini, lemon juice, honey/maple syrup and minced garlic in a bowl
Whisk until it becomes a smooth sauce. It may take a few minutes, and at one point you will want to give up because this sauce WILL split: don't give up, it's just messing with your head! Show that sauce who's boss, keep whisking, and you will be rewarded with the most delicious sauce evah!!!
Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Serve with baked or blanched cauliflower, baked or raw carrots, baked beetroot or whatever takes your fancy!

* If you want to make a larger amount of this delicious sauce, just double or triple the amounts.

** I use unhulled tahini when I make this sauce, which is a little more bitter than hulled tahini. That's why I add in a tiny amount of maple syrup or honey to balance out the flavours. 

Oh, and my sauce in the pic above is probably chunkier than the one you will make because I used FOUR CLOVES of garlic!!!