Baked Cauliflower in Lemon Tahini and Garlic Sauce

Baked Cauliflower in Lemon Tahini and Garlic Sauce

Baked Cauliflower in Lemon Tahini and Garlic Sauce

This dish is a show-stopping variation of one of my favourite every day recipes (you can find it here). I love to serve this when friends come over as it looks so beautiful on the table, and tastes as good as it looks!


1 Cauliflower, washed with leaves removed
1 small bunch flat leaf parsley, chopped
I pomegranate, de-seeded


3/4 cup tahini
Juice of 3 lemons (add more if your sauce is too thick!)
Four cloves garlic, minced (if you love garlic, add more!)
1/2 teaspoon honey or maple syrup*
Salt and pepper, to taste



Combine tahini, lemon juice, honey/maple syrup and minced garlic in a bowl
Whisk until it becomes a smooth sauce. It may take a few minutes, and at one point you will want to give up because it splits: don't give up! Show that sauce who's boss, keep whisking, and you will be rewarded with the most delicious sauce evah!!!
Season with salt and pepper to taste.


Chop base of cauliflower so that it sits flat
Place in a baking tray, cover with foil and cook in a pre-heated oven (180 degrees celsius) for 45-60 minutes. Cooking time will depend on the size of your cauliflower. 
Remove baking tray from oven and remove foil.
Cover cauliflower with 1/2-3/4 of the tahini sauce. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and return - uncovered - to oven for a further 20-30 minutes.
Keep a watchful eye on the cauliflower and remove it from the oven when it is golden brown

To serve:

Place on serving platter and sprinkle with parsley and pomegranate seeds.
Serve drizzled with the remaining Tahini Sauce.


* I use unhulled tahini in my recipes, which is a little more bitter than hulled tahini. This is why I add in a tiny amount of honey or maple syrup, to balance out the flavour profile.