Plant Strong Remoulade

Vegan Remoulade

Vegan Remoulade

Remoulade is a traditional french salad. It features the crunchy root vegetable celeriac.

It is conventionally made with mayonnaise. My version uses my creamy cashew mayo, spiked with a generous dollop of dijon or seeded mustard.

It's crunchy and tangy and deliciously different!


1 celeriac root, peeled and julienned or coarsely grated.


150g raw cashews
Juice of one lemon
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1 Tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon pomegranate molasses*
1/2 cup water
1-2 tablespoons dijon or seeded mustard (adjust according to taste)
Salt and Pepper to taste


Combine all dressing ingredients except seeded mustard in a Vitamix or other high speed food processor.
Blend until smooth. Add in seeded mustard and blend on low speed to mix through.

Place julienned/grated celeriac in bowl. Add dressing and toss until combined.

Serve and enjoy!