Play The Rainbow Game! *FREE PRINTABLE!*

Play The Rainbow Game!

Play The Rainbow Game!

I have a challenge for you! A game actually! I want you to join me in playing The Rainbow Game!

How do you play?

Well, each day, I want you to endeavour to eat a variety of veggies and fruit across all the colours of the rainbow.


The pigments in fruit and veggies contain an array of phytonutrients. These are unique chemicals produced by plants including carotenoids, flavonoids, coumarins, indoles, isoflavones, lignans, organosulfures and plant sterols). Research has demonstrated that many phytonutrients are powerful antioxidants, but science us really just beginning to scratch the surface of their benefits, including immune support and tumour suppression.

And here's the big scoop: according to the research, taking extracted phytonutrient supplements just doesn't yield the benefits of a diet rich in a rainbow of fresh veges and fruit! So get on this dahlinks! 

If you are at all competitive and driven, you might like to benchmark yourself on this, or engage in some friendly (supportive!) competition with your family and friends. My husband and I love to compare how many different fruit and veg we have eaten in a day and how many colours we have ticked off our rainbow list.

Counting veggies and their colours each day definitely beats counting calories or carbs, that's for sure!

All plant foods contain phytonutrients, so feel free to incorporate seeds, legumes and grains in all the colours of the rainbow. Think red quinoa, black rice, red kidney beans etc. And don't forget the white foods too - cauliflower, onions, pears, etc, all contain phytonutrients too. 

And if you would like some guidance on how many veggies to eat each day, check out THIS ARTICLE I wrote recently! (Spoiler alert: the more the better!!)


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