Why I NEVER get sick of salad - and why you won't either!


We have salad every day at my place. It's one of my hard and fast NNDR's (that's Non-Negotiable Daily Rituals for the newbies and you can READ ABOUT IT HERE!).


Well firstly, the benefits of daily fruit and vegetable consumption are huge - you reduce your risk of obesity, many cancers, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and even the inflammation associated with ageing. Fruit and vegetables are an amazing nutrient dense combination of fibre, vitamins, minerals and an array of powerful phytonutrients.

And most importantly, that are absolutely DELICIOUS - if you know how to prepare them right.

Which brings me to salad, and why we have it absolutely every day at my place AND why I NEVER get sick of it....

You know why I never get sick of salad? 

Because I never have to eat the same salad twice.

I can choose from hundreds of veggies and fruits and enjoy them in thousands of different combinations, prepared in different ways with different dressings.

Salad is NEVER boring! I can have a light, crisp, refreshing Summer salad or a warm, complex and nourishing winter salad.  I can use 3 simple ingredients or the entire contents of my fridge. A light and tangy viniagrette or a thick and creamy dressing.

I'm limited only by my imagination - and so are you!

Just look at these salads, all prepared by me and most are thrown together in 10-20 minutes! They're all in the Recipes section of this website (or coming up soon!) - so check it out and try them out! And don't forget to sign up to my weekly newsletter to get my best salad and other healthy, delicious recipes delivered fresh to your inbox - as well as helpful FREE RESOURCES exclusively for mailing list members!