Your Permission Slip...


Every now and then, it can be incredibly therapeutic to step back and take a good look at the people you are surrounding yourself with.

Are they kind to you? Supportive? Do they espouse the values you wish to live by? How do you feel after you have spent time with them? Energised? Drained? Upset? Uplifted?

Maybe it's time to do a little friend audit....

Friendships should leave you feeling connected, understood, accepted and supported. Connection, understanding, acceptance, support, honesty and trust are hallmarks of healthy friendships. 

But unhealthy friendships can leave us feeling drained, discouraged and demoralised. They absorb time and energy, our most valuable currency. 

So check in with yourself after you spend time with your friends (whether in person, on the phone or over social media). How are you feeling? Are you energised, excited, happy, content, inspired? Or drained, exhausted, irritated, upset, hurt or confused?

Consider this your permission slip to step back from friendships that drain or hurt you.

When you eliminate the situations or people in your life that no longer support you, you are also creating space to nurture the relationships and interests that are truly important to you.

This certainly isn't the easiest tip I will ever share with you, but it is well worth the effort!