Create a Blue Day List *FREE PRINTABLE!*


We all have blue days. Blah days. Should-have-stayed-in-bed days where we walk around under our own personal little dark cloud. 

I used to think that my mood and happiness was largely the result of people or events external to me. But these days I know that I have so (SO!) much more control over my happiness than I previously thought.

And so do you!

In fact, the field of Positive Psychology is devoted in large part to exploring the ways in which we can increase our happiness and emotional wellbeing.

Today I'm sharing one of my own personal tools that I use to help me to make sure that when the blah's strike I can take the reins and get back on my happy track.

I call it a Blue Day List

All you have to do is write down a list of all the things - large and small - that can pull you out of sadness, stress, irritability, cynicism, disillusionment and other assorted bad feels.

There are no rules about what goes on your list. It can be songs, activities, people, places. Just write down all of the things that bring you happiness and joy.

Now keep your list handy, and take a good look at it when the blahs strike.

I keep my list in my calendar. And I add to the list regularly, whenever I find a new uplifting song, or funny movie or fun new pastime.


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Oh, and dahlinks....

If your sadness persists, or if you have lost interest in the things that used to make you feel enthusiasm or bring you joy, you might have depression. There is ABSOLUTELY NO SHAME in admitting you have been feeling blah, and frankly you deserve better than to feel blah, so make an appointment with your GP and ask for a referral to a good psychologist to help you see the sunshine again, m'kay? Promise?

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