Ditch the scale!!!


Ditch the scale...

It can't see if your skin is glowing and your eyes are sparkling with vitality

It can't assess your energy levels and feelings of wellbeing or exhaustion

It can't tell you if you have strong bones that will carry you through a full, active and long life without fracture

It can't detect if your core muscles are strong and stable

It can't tell if you are happy or if your life has meaning

It can never decide your state of physical health; it won't tell you if your arteries are hardening, if your cells are becoming resistant to insulin or if the beta cells in your pancreas are under stress

It can't determine your mood or state of emotional wellbeing

It can't see if you love your life 

It will never tell you if you are kind and caring, and make the world a better place for the people who love you

And it can't tell you what kind of difference you are making in the world

All it can do is give you one number. How heavy you are. That's it.

You are SO MUCH MORE than a number.

And if you push yourself to lower this number, without careful consideration of the impacts of doing so on all of the above... Well dahlink, that is the road to hell right there.

I’ve seen too many smart, gorgeous, amazing women waste too much time, attention and emotional bandwidth on that one relatively meaningless number. I’ve seen them allow it to dominate their thoughts, dictate their mood, make them feel inadequate, cause them to deprive themselves and trick them into hating themselves. 

You deserve better, sweetheart!

A scale can be a reasonably useful tool, if you understand its limitations and use it wisely.

But it can also be a terrible and toxic master. If the number on the scale is causing you distress, or dominating your thoughts, it is probably not a healthy thing to have in your home.

While I think it's important to keep a sensible watch on your health and track any changes over time, there are much better ways to do this than stepping on a scale, especially if doing so has the potential to cause you distress.

I’ll write about my preferred ways of tracking health and wellbeing soon!

But for now, beautiful soul, no more torturing yourself over a relatively meaningless number!