Forget Superfoods! Think SuperDiet and SuperLifestyle!


What am I talking about??

Well, the fact is that adding one "super" food into an average diet is unlikely to significantly improve your wellbeing or add many years to your life. And sadly, many of the "superfoods" that consumers pay top dollar for, are not the nutritional powerhouses they are marketed as... 

The research in nutrition science is really starting to come together, and one of the most powerful messages from decades of scientific investigation is that it is the quality of our overall dietary pattern over many years that is the biggest determinant of our health. 

No single food or nutrient is a “magic bullet”. Especially if the quality of your overall diet leaves room for improvement! We need to eat a balanced varied diet to get an array of macro- and micronutrients to feed our cells and fuel all of the physiological processed going on inside our miraculous bodies!

So when it comes to nutrition, rather than individual superfoods, I like to focus on eating a "superdiet" featuring a wide range of minimally-processed, nutrient-dense foods each week, with a big emphasis on a rainbow of fresh veggies and fruits, appropriate amounts of protein, heathy fats and complex carbs for my physiological needs. 

And if you REALLY want to be a health-ninja, I highly recommend you broaden your focus to include all of the elements of a "super lifestyle": healthy movement, stress-reduction, mindfulness, sleep and cultivating good relationships. To dig into the lifestyle determinants of good health check out THIS POST.

Just sayin'!