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Stephen Covey once famously declared "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing".

And I think it's a great thing to remember when we are on the path to achieving our goals. In fact, I liked this quote so much I made it My Theme for 2017!

You see, it is so easy to let ourselves be distracted. We are busier than ever before, and with the entire internet (and all of our friends and family) as close as our mobile phone it is so easy for our attention to be diverted.

So this year I have been using the phrase "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing" when planning my work day, and I also use it to make sure I am on track to achieving my goals for the year.

And you can do it too! It's so important to block out a little time each day and each week to plan how you will be spending your time, to make sure you are prioritising the things that are important to you, and to make sure your precious time isn't being lost to things that just aren't important. So every day:

Ask yourself: what is my main thing?

And then ask: am I keeping it my main thing?

And that my dahlinks is the main thing!!!

Want some help with this?

I have created some super-helpful tools to help you keep your main thing your main thing! I know they are super-helpful because I have been using them myself! Check out my:

  1. Not-To-Do List HERE!

  2. Non-Negotiable Daily Rituals HERE!

  3. Guide to Setting SMART Goals HERE!

  4. Fabulous Flower Exercise to help you identify where you are at right now HERE!

  5. Close-The-Gap Exercise HERE!

  6. Guide to Turning Your Goals Into Actionable Plans HERE!

  7. Guide To Keeping Your Goals and Dreams Alive HERE!

  8. Guide to Reducing Unnecessary Drains On Your Time and Energy HERE!

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