Better nutrition CASE by CASE!

G.A.S.S. your way to better nutrition! *FREE PRINTABLE!*

I love mantras and inspirational quotes and handy rules-of-thumb to keep me on a health, happy track!

I came up with this one when I was trying to work out a simple guideline to help a client overhaul their diet. And it's been a big hit!

So here it is - Better nutrition CASE by CASE!

CHANGE your portion sizes

Notice I didn't say to cut your portion sizes?!?!

Now there are definitely some foods that we should exercise potion control for. Portion control can help to keep us our of overnutrition and away from chronic disease and premature death! But please don't exercise portion control when it comes to eating a rainbow of colourful veggies, m'kay??

ADD IN the good stuff!

But don't worry, it's not all about deprivation! In fact, I love to crowd out the unhealthy stuff by adding in delicious real foods! And there are so many wonderful foods we need to be adding into our diet! Only 4% of Australians are eating the recommended serves of veggies, so that's a great place to start. And don't forget nuts, legumes and healthy, whole, unprocessed grains. I wrote about this HERE and created a helpful FREE WORKSHEET, so check it out!

SWAP in a healthier option

Look for opportunities for what I call "nutritional upgrades". Or in plain language, healthier swaps. Choose hummus and veggie sticks instead of a packet of chips, a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts instead of a cookies. Choose a healthy, unrefined grain instead of something highly refined (I shared an awesome guide on what to look for in wholegrain products here!).

ELIMINATE something your body doesn't need

Salt, highly processed foods, sugary soft drinks and sodas, deep fried snack foods top my list of things to get rid of. You get the picture.

So there you have it. Better nutrition CASE by CASE!