We Need a Better Definition of Success *FREE PRINTABLE!*

We Need a Better Definition of Success

We Need a Better Definition of Success

The traditional definition of success focusses on finances and career and money and possessions, with happiness, wellbeing and relationships traditionally viewed as things that can be sacrificed or deferred until "success" has been achieved.

And it's not really working out that well for us. Rates of depression are rising around the world, and people are starting to push back against a definition of success that centres around money and possessions.

I believe we need to adjust our definition of success! Expand it beyond money, possessions and career to ensure it includes our health, happiness, wellbeing and relationships - right now as we journey through life, and not down the track after we have achieved our goals.

We need a better journey, don't you think?

Some things to consider incorporating into your definition of success, and prioritising on your journey, are:

  1. Your physical health

  2. Your energy and stress levels

  3. Your happiness

  4. Having a sense of meaning in your life

  5. Your sense of enthusiasm and wonder

  6. Having the time and emotional bandwidth to spend meaningful time with those you love

  7. Feeling good about yourself

  8. Acting every day in line with your values

  9. Feeling proud of yourself

  10. The quality of your relationships

I highly recommend blocking out some time, whether it is an hour, a day or a weekend, to really think about what success looks and feels like in all facets of your life, not just financially or career-wise. 

Doing this can help you set better goals, and help you make better choices in life too!


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