What do you REALLY want for 2019 (and beyond)?

2019, like every year before and after it, has 8,760 hours in it (give or take 24 hours for those pesky leap years!). These are hours we can devote to a million different things. Things that waste time and keep us stuck. Or steps on our path to an amazing life filled with energy and adventure...

The first month in a brand new year is an excellent time to get clear on what kind of life you would like to create for yourself, and the steps you will need to take on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to get you to where you want to be. 

When it comes to our lives we have two choices: take time to consciously create our life, or spend time dealing with the life that has "happened to" us.

So here's an idea...

Take a few moments to get clear on what you REALLY want for your life.
What do you want to achieve this year?  In your career, study, home life, relationships, environment, living arrangements, health or spirituality?

And then list the steps you will need to take to achieve them.

Time for a meditation break!

Get yourself into a super-comfy position.
Close your eyes, take few slow, deep, relaxing breaths...
And now visualise your life EXACTLY as you would love to be living it.
Where are you?
What do you look like?
Who are you with?
What are you doing? Where have you been? Where are you going?
What do you have? What are you giving? What are you contributing?
How are you carrying yourself? Speaking? Behaving? Relating to others?
What achievements are you proud of?
What does your daily life look like?
How do you feel?

The idea behind this exercise is for you to dream up a truly healthy, happy, wonderful life! And for this dream to help you plan (and take!) the steps you need to take to close the gap between where you are now, and the dream life you would love to be living!

The next step is where the work begins! 

Work backwards from that picture of your ideal life. 

What changes do you need to make to all of these aspects of your current life to move you closer to your ideal life?

Plan and list all of the steps you will need to take to close the gap between where you are now, and the dream life you would love to be living!

Now prioritise those things when deciding how to spend your hours and days!!

If it's not part of your journey to health, happiness or success (however you choose to define it!) then leave it for later, after you have done the important stuff. 

Too often, our precious hours (weeks, months and years) are eaten up by "default" activities, like trashy TV, mindless scrolling through social media or shopping. There is a place for all of those things - AFTER you have prioritised the thoughts, activities and connections that will propel you in the direction of your dreams!

So, for 2019 let's keep our eyes on the prize! At the end of each day, let's ask ourselves: how did I spend my time? did I make time for the things that are truly important to me? or did I allow my time to be absorbed with the other stuff? 

When we get clear on our dreams, and conscious of how we spend our time, we can make amazing progress in creating the life of our dreams! 

And you are NOT wasting your precious 8,760 hours by sleeping! Make sleep a priority too, and you will feel healthier and happier as you create your wonderful life in 2019! 

Are you with me?

Let's do this!