Green Smoothies

A lot of dietitians and nutritionists roll their eyes over green smoothies, and I do agree that there are healthy and not-so-healthy ones out there. But the fact is that Australians (and pretty much everyone else) are not consuming anywhere near enough veges, and are not getting the folate and other nutrients they need as a result. If you do it right, a daily green smoothie can be an excellent way to squeeze a fast and convenient nutrient boost into your day! 

A daily (and sometimes twice-daily) green smoothie is a non-negotiable in our house. We do it every day - but we do it right: LOTS of different greens, a rainbow of other veges like beetroot and carrots, some berries for anthocyanins, lemon or lime for a vitamin C boost, and a little ginger and turmeric for zing (and their health benefits). Our green smoothies are 90% vegetables, with fruit thrown in for colour, taste and nutrition.

If you are used to super-sweet smoothies it can take a little while to habituate your palate to something a little tangier, and adding lemon or lime definitely helps. Try it!