Invite more JOY into your life

Your prescription: invite more joy into your life

Your prescription: invite more joy into your life

I have a little "assignment" to help you experience more JOY in your life:

Take a moment to reflect on the times in your life that you experienced joy, fulfilment, peace, happiness. Where were you? Who were you with? What were you doing? Write down anything you can about those blissful moments...

And now, look for ways to invite those moments of joy back into your life - or create new ones!

It could be something as simple as re-reading a favourite book, watching a funny movie, coffee with a trusted friend, a drive in he country or a walk along the beach.

We can't force ourselves into a joyful state, but we can gift ourselves with opportunities to experience moments of joy, connection, peace and meaning. 

Sometimes, just by being a little more mindful in our daily lives, even the simplest, most mundane of moments can be doorways to a divine spark of joy - like walking down the street, noticing a rose in bloom and taking a moment to savour its scent and beauty. Or stopping to admire a crimson sunset.

This is our Healthy Happy Wonderful challenge for you this week: invite a little more JOY into your life.

You deserve it!