Conversational Competence

Celeste Headlee on Conversational Competence 

Celeste Headlee on Conversational Competence 

Each week I share a useful tip to help busy people lead a Healthy Happy Wonderful life!

My tip for this week is to work on our "conversational competence".

So what is conversational competence? Well it's probably the most overlooked and under-taught skill today, but one which is desperately needed! 

We know that the quality of our relationships has a huge impact on our wellbeing. And how we interact with others will of course impact the quality of our relationships, and even influence how well we can make and keep friends.

We've all had really great conversations. We know what it feels like. The kind of conversation where you walk away feeling engaged and inspired, or where you feel like you've made a real connection or you've been perfectly understood. There is no reason why most of your interactions can't be like that. You just need to learn how!

Check out this fascinating TED talk by Celeste Headlee for ten actionable tips for improving your conversational competence. Even if you just choose to master only one of these tips the quality of your interactions will improve!