New Year. New Opportunities


"At the start of a New Year, I'm always humbled at the huge gift a year represents.
In 52 weeks, you can re-invent yourself. You can learn a language,
start a business, transform a family, make (or squander) a fortune!
Twelve months is an enormous opportunity!
Who will you be next December
~ Philip Humbert

Welcome to 2019! This is my permission slip for you to revel in the atmosphere of optimism, opportunity and infinite possibilities this wonderful new year has brought with it!

New Opportunities:...

To nourish ourselves with delicious healthy food.

To move and stretch our bodies with joy.

To be conscious of how we spend our time, and our money and direct both away from waste and junk and towards the things that will make our lives and our world so much better.

To make time to nurture important relationships.

To gift our loved ones with our presence.

To be still, get clear on our dreams and our values.

To speak words of kindness and encouragement.

To create and assert healthy boundaries.

To let go of fear, shame and doubt.

To believe in ourselves.

To feel love.

To be love.

Let's do this!

Every day.

"This is my wish for you:
peace of mind,
prosperity through the year,
happiness that multiplies,
health for you and yours,
fun around every corner,
energy to chase your dreams,
joy to fill your holidays!”
~ D.M. Dellinger